Mini Brewery System s.r.o.

Our company M.B.S. specializes in designing and production of minibreweries.

When processing your demands and inquieries we suggest ideal technological solution with customized design adjustments so that our minibrewewry becomes a design jewel of your restaurant. Upon your demand we can also produce other interior furnishings from copper to enhance the pleasant athmosphere of your restaurant.

Our minibreweries are tailor-made, unique solutions to reflect your individual needs. We will be happy to assist you with assembling and installing of the minibrewery, we can furnish it and install ourselves or provide you with our specialist to supervise external mounting company. During the trial period our specialist will train your staff, adjust the brewing recipes to fit your conditions and help you when choosing the ingredients and suppliers. We also provide maintenance services of our breweries, either within or after the warranty period.

As for other business activities we offer customized production of a wide range of machinery and equipment from stainless steel, especially for chemical and food processing industry, with optional automatization of existing equipment.